23rd March 2017

About Us

Keep Football In Basingstoke (KFIB) is a supporter-lead group with the sole purpose of ensuring that football remains in the town and we need your voice to be heard.

We are concerned about not only the lack of communication and decision making from our Chairman, Mr Rafi Razzak, but also his intentions to move the club outside of the town to groundshare with a neighbouring club permanently so Mr Razzak can “recover his loans to the club through the redevelopment of the Camrose site” (Official Club Statement). Mr Razzak’s statement also states “BTFC cannot stay at the Camrose, as it is no longer economically or practicably feasible” although no reason is given for this and we are gravely concerned that Mr Razzak mentions “BTFC, is very aware of concerns among fans who, understandably, want to know what is happening and where the club will play football next year. We will continue to develop plans for a contingency site and will give updates when further information is available.”. Why can we not play at The Camrose next season and onwards?

Mr Razzak has confirmed he is to step down from his role as Chairman at the end of this season. He has been at the club for 20+ years and we are grateful for his financial support he has provided the club throughout the years.

The Camrose, our home, where the club have been playing since World War II was given to us by Lord Camrose, with a lease on the site and a clause to ensure that football was protected on the site until 2052. It is now widely believed that this land was purchased by Rafi Razzak in 2016 (Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council own the other 29% of the land) and with it, the clause is now gone.

We actively encourage all concerned to comment on each news item on the front page of KFIB.co.uk and share your words of support for the cause. You can use your Facebook account to log in to leave comments.

This is the town’s club, not Mr Razzak’s.

Thanks to Basingstoke Town fans and volunteers, Basingstoke Councillors, The Basingstoke Gazette, the people of Basingstoke and the wider-football community for your support; let’s Keep Football In Basingstoke.